What is Now Index?

Now Index is a service that helps you easily submit your new or update webpages using the IndexNow protocol.

What is IndexNow?

Letting search engines know when you have created a new webpage is annoying because of two reasons:

  1. There are a lot of search engines to submit to, each with their own processes
  2. Submitting multiple wepage is a pain

To solve this Bing, Seznam.cz, and Yandex met together and created the IndexNow protocol so that you can submit one or multiple pages to any of the participating search engines and it will be indexed by all of them. It also supports indexing up to 10,000 urls in a single submission

What About Google?

Google has been testing the protocol and thus might support it in the near future.

What's the Key?

In order to submit a url you need to verify that you own the domain. You do this by hosting a txt file with a key (with a minimum of 8 characters) both in the file and in the name of the text file.

For instance, if your key was jz3JxmDw, the text file would have to be name jz3JxmDw.txt and have the string "jz3JxmDw" in the file.

That file would then have to be uploaded to your domain and then referenced in every submission.

This is why we created a Key Generator that allows you to generate a key, download a txt file (in the proper form), and save it to your account.

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